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7 Essentials For Every Medical Cannabis Consumer

Did you just begin using medical cannabis or are deciding to make a start? Then there’s a lot that you have to learn and understand. The way cannabis works, its side effects and even the right dosage. I know, it gets overwhelming. After all, cannabis isn’t one of those traditional medications that most people know about. So, let me help ease your confusion with the most basic knowledge that every cannabis consumer must know- cannabis essentials.


For most beginners, the confusion related to what things to buy and what to pass for now may be frustrating. If only there was a guide, right? Well, you are the right place. I’ll walk you through some of the most common cannabis essentials that you must have as a medical cannabis consumer.

MMJ Card

Let’s begin with the first and most important essential- a medical marijuana card. If you don’t already know what it is, let me explain. An MMJ card is your identity proof for being a medical cannabis consumer. It is proof that you are registered with the state and are a legit consumer. So, you can visit any dispensary and buy the cannabis product you need and use it without any legal issues or interrogations.


For patients who live in a medical state like New York, an MMJ card is the only way that you can use cannabis. In the case of recreational states like California, an MMJ Card is more a matter of privileges that are only exclusive to medical cannabis consumers. Here are a few advantages that medical cannabis has over recreational cannabis.



These advantages are only applicable by a patient who has a legit doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana card. If you don’t have one, connect with one of the 420 Doctors in Moreno Valley and complete your consultation to get a recommendation or MMJ card.

Weighing Scale

A weighing scale is essential that not a lot of people are aware of. When using medical cannabis, it is very crucial for the patient to maintain the right dose. That’s because though cannabis has medical potential, it has certain risk factors too that are most commonly related to consuming more than what the body can handle. And for a medical patient who is already dealing with a health issue, consuming a higher dose will lead to a miserable experience.


The side effects may include a couch locking high that is usually intolerable. In addition to this, the patient may feel paranoia, excessive fatigue, lack of perspective and impaired reflexes. In some cases, consuming more cannabis will have an opposite effect than what you are expecting. For example, a higher dose for anxiety patients may worsen their anxiety along with adding other symptoms to the already intolerable situation.


The only way to avoid this situation is by avoiding overdosing. It is not an easy task to consume the exact amount that your body needs but you can always microdose using a weighing scale. Having a lower amount is better than experiencing these symptoms. A weighing scale will help you monitor the exact amount you are consuming and help avoid overdosing as much as possible.

Airtight Container/ Clear Bag

Not a lot of people pay attention to the way they store their cannabis. You cannot just get your stash and throw it in the back of your drawer. If you don’t maintain the right storing conditions for your stash, you will risk losing its potency and high quality. So, how do you ensure that your stash stays potent and lasts for a long time? First, get a glass airtight container.


If you have received your cannabis flowers or edibles in a plastic bag, empty it out in a glass airtight container. That’s because plastic isn’t the right choice for storing cannabis for a long time. First, it creates static and separates the trichomes from the cannabis flower. Second, it’s not sturdy enough to maintain the texture of the product. And third, it is not exactly airtight. Air increases the degradation process and may even develop mold on cannabis.


Glass is airtight, sturdy and does not create static which makes it the best choice as a storage container.


You must also have a clear ziplock bag in case you are traveling and need your cannabis dose with you. It makes it less suspicious and is easy to carry too.


A grinder is essential for people who smoke as well as those who use edibles. For smokers, grinders are what make a dried flower smokable. You have to grind it into fine granules to be able to roll into a joint or add into a vaporizer. A fine grind is what makes the smoking experience consistent with every drag.


Now you may think, why is a grinder necessary for those who use edibles? Well, if you are interested in cooking edibles at home or making infusions like cannabutter or cannaoil, you will need a grinder to ground up the cannabis flowers just enough so that it can decarboxylate in the oven without getting burnt.

A Lighter or a Torch

Combustion is very important for all cannabis consumers that inhale cannabis. It is only when you heat up the cannabis that the cannabinoid acids turn into cannabinoids and give you potent effects and other medicinal experience. So, you must always have a lighter by your side to light up a joint. If you go to a state dispensary or search through the online store, you’ll be able to find very colorful and innovative lighters to choose from. Some people are even into collecting different types of lighters just for the sake of having a varied collection.


For people who are into dabbing or other pipe methods, a lighter may not be the best option. In that case, you can always buy a portable torch. It is available in two fuel types- propane and butane.

A Sanitizer

Considering the present state of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to maintain minimal exposure. So if you are in a place where soap and water aren’t available, a sanitizer can help. Every cannabis delivery method, from joints to edibles involves touching the hands and the mouth which is the easiest way for the virus to enter the body. This is why you should sanitize your hands before beginning your session. So, a sanitizer should be a part of your cannabis essentials.

I hope now you have a better idea about what to buy along with your favorite cannabis strain. So, when you qualify your 420 evaluations in Moreno Valley and can finally buy your own cannabis, don’t forget these essentials to have a smooth experience every time.

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